About Mythic Frames

Credits: Aaron Miller and InklinCustoms


Alter Sleeves™ launched in 2019, offering a brand new concept: a global marketplace of print-to-order, customized perfect-fitting inner sleeves for Magic: The Gathering™. The most highly sought-after request continues to be more sleeves – an entire deck’s worth – at a reasonable price but with the same premium quality. Not one to ignore our fans, we’ve spent nearly a year researching, vetting, and stress-testing manufacturing partners, and today we’re excited to bring a commercial-scale printing solution to Magic: The Gathering™ players all over the world with the launch of: Mythic Frames.


Mythic Frames brings our premium production sleeves together with stunning frame art on a massive scale giving players a professional, uniform enhancement to their entire deck. Mythic Frames features our patented inner sleeve printing of each design in three variations: Creature, Non-Creature, and Basic Land. Our dedicated teams of professional artists have designed their frames to work with nearly every era of Magic: The Gathering™ cards.


Like Alter Sleeves, Mythic Frames was brought to life by a successful The Mythic Frames Kickstarter, with 1630 backers pledging over $160,000! You can check it out here.